Vision, Mission, and Core Values
Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Persons living with mental illness will have access to and be referred to programs at the appropriate level of service and no person will be hospitalized or incarcerated unnecessarily.



PERT provides effective and compassionate crisis intervention to persons (including their family members and supports) living with mental illness who are contacted by law enforcement officers/deputies and EMS. The goal is to safely and effectively de-escalate crises and provide appropriate referrals that offer the least restrictive level of care, thus avoiding unnecessary hospitalization while minimizing the possibility of decompensation leading to unlawful behavior with resultant incarceration. PERT is recognized as a "best practice" model that epitomizes law enforcement, EMS and clinicians working together to provide the best service options for persons living with mental illness who come into contact with the 911 system.


PERT Cores Values:

We believe that persons living with mental illness should be compassionately assessed and be referred to resources that are appropriate to needs.

We believe that first responders and mental health clinicians have a responsibility to collaboratively work together with persons living with mental illness, their family and support persons, and the community as a whole to ensure that people receive their required level of care.

We believe that on-scene partnership of behavioral health and first responders contributes to the well-being of persons living with mental illness and to the community.

We believe that outreach efforts to marginalized persons in the community enhance wellness and assist communities to recognize and address thematic health and safety issues.